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Property Management

Homes for Rent Management with Kaza Real Estate

Kaza Real Estate not only helps with buying and selling real estate, but also offers after-sales service. Many investors don't have the time or resources to find good tenants, and they don't want to bother with managing their Orlando & Miami homes for rent.

Many homeowners do not live in Orlando or Miami and simply prefer to hire the service of a real estate agent to take care of everything that involves their property. That's why Kaza Real Estate manages your property in a very similar way to Brazil. Everything is provided very clearly and securely, providing as little work as possible for the owner.

How does rented home management work?

Another differentiating point is that Kaza Real Estate does not put anyone in its house, quite the opposite. The real estate company knows that your Orlando & Miami homes cannot be in the hands of just anyone, even for a short period of time, so we do a careful search among tenant candidates that includes credit research, criminal records and we also carry out a careful checking of income proofs to make sure the tenant is suitable and able to pay the rent.

Seasonal Management

Vacation rentals are well known and sought after by tourists from all over the world. As the most visited city in the United States, with an average of 60 million tourists annually, it generates great demand for vacation homes in Orlando. Most of the time it is cheaper to stay in a house than in a hotel, not to mention the comfort and privacy that vacation homes in Orlando & Miami provide.

Who can manage your vacation rental property?

We know that buying houses in Orlando & Miami are a great deal, however, the investment doesn't stop there. To obtain a return on your property, it is necessary to hire a company specializing in the hotel area, which has great marketing resources, so that your property has visibility and can be rented more frequently, increasing your profit.
Kaza Real Estate works in partnership with the best rental property management companies to provide security, peace of mind and maximum rental income.

How much does rental property management cost?

Seasonal property managers usually charge a small fixed monthly amount plus 20% of the profits that the property generates. The manager's role is to market your property worldwide to attract tourists from all over the world to stay at your home, in order to maximize the occupancy rate. In addition, the manager is responsible for cleaning the property, maintaining the pool, checking in/out guests, doing post-stay inspection, and preparing financial statements for income tax purposes. Of course, the owner also has access to all inputs and outputs on a monthly basis.

When the family is visiting Orlando or Miami and prefers to rent a property, they should contact the property manager to schedule the stay. The house will be ready for when the family arrives.

Therefore, when it comes to making your investment worthwhile, hire a real estate agency in Orlando or Miami that has extensive experience in the market and offers a team specially trained to make your business the best it can be, such as Kaza Real Estate.

Let us help you manage your property!  Contact Kaza